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Imagine the thrill of riding a motorcycle on a country road with just the sound of your surroundings, on a motorcycle you built!

Electric CX500 Motorcycle with Black Box Bikes Kit at the Maker Faire


The hard part of converting a gas motorcycle to electric can be connecting the motor to the cycle frame then connecting the motor to the drive wheel, many times this can feel like fitting a square peg in a round hole, what we have boils down to a square peg to round hole adapter, a set of high quality American made CNC machined brackets and couplings that in a matter of minutes bolts to an unmodified motorcycle frame using the same mounting points as the gasoline engine used as well as connecting directly to the drive shaft in the same way the gas engine connected.
The other side of the adapter kit bolts to a common, low cost golf cart motor.

Don’t settle for just a single motor of our choosing, instead you have a wide range of brands and sizes of electric golf cart motors to pick from, it doesn’t matter if you buy a new or used motor, choose one that fits your budget and gives the performance you want.

Keep control over what batteries, speed controller and all the other electronics, we’ll give you specifications of what will work so you can shop around for the best deal.
You can start out building a budget bike for commuting and if in a few years you want more performance it’s easy to upgrade because many components are standardized in how they connect giving you the option to build a much faster electric motorcycle.

For now the Black Box Bikes kit is designed to work only with the shaft drive of the Honda CX500 and  GL500  motorcycles.
It works with a drive shaft instead of a chain so it ends up being a very quiet, almost silent motorcycle and, when the entire drive-line is enclosed it ends up being very clean and safe, like an electric vehicle should be.

In the future we plan to expand what motorcycles our kits fit, we have the Honda Silverwing, Honda Goldwing and Honda VT Shadow in our sights.