Built On Experience

The Black Box Bikes electric motorcycle kit is years in the making.
With over 30 years of experience with renewable energy, almost 20 years of experience building and riding electric bicycles, 15 years of experience repairing, rebuilding and riding motorcycles, and 7 years of owning and rebuilding two vintage electric cars I thought life couldn’t get any better.
Then I took a friend’s electric motorcycle for a short ride where I quickly realized that none of the motorcycles I had in my collection came close to the thrill that comes with the quite, clean, swift acceleration of electric power, so I started out to build my own.

Having spent time in a machine shop I knew that making a few new pieces from scratch would lead to a more reliable, safer and cleaner looking machine compared cobbling pieces together. So I designed the brackets and couplings from the ground up to be solid and reliable while making sure they would be simple to bolt on to the stock motorcycle frame.

Now, Black Box Bikes can make it easy for you to build an electric motorcycle of your own and enjoy the silent ride.

Ryland Erdman

Menomonie, Wisconsin