Our goal is simple, to  help you build an awesome electric motorcycle, we don’t want to convince you that you need to buy batteries from us just so we can be a middle man.
As the electric car market grows the options of quality used EV batteries grows too, so Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and even a few Tesla S batteries are becoming more common on the used market, so if you are up for a good scavenger hunt you might luck out and find some used EV batteries that would work great on your motorcycle, if not then what we recommend is to seek out large format lithium batteries, such as those sold in the hobbyist market by GBS, Calb, or Winston Thunder Sky.

How many batteries can you pack on your bike? with most builds the CX500 frame can  handle about 150 pounds of battery weight on top of the weight of the motor, speed controller, battery box and peripherals while still being near the stock wet curb weight of the gasoline motorcycle.
Going above the stock curb weight is not advised, as the brakes and suspension would be pushed to their limits.

Options for batteries could even include spill proof sealed lead acid batteries, if you are simply looking for a low up front cost and can live with a range of 10 to 15 miles that lead acid might give, then lead acid batteries might be a worth while consideration.

Safety first! be sure you have a good understanding of the safety required before working with any battery pack of any voltage, batteries store a lot of energy and has the potential to do a great deal of damage or even kill if not handled carefully.