The Kit

Our kit is the missing link DYI electric motorcycle builder wishes they had, it’s not only the brackets that hold the motor to the frame, but it also connects the motor to the rear drive wheel and it does it without wasting any space.

Our bracket kit bolts on to the frame using the same 3 bolts as the lower half of the engine, while the adapter shaft lines up perfectly with the swing arm’s drive shaft, 4 more bolts hold the motor securely in place.

It’s the best way to quickly start your project, and save money by eliminating the need to buy custom made sprockets or hiring a machine shop to make costly one off parts for you.


2 thoughts on “The Kit

    1. Thanks for the interest!
      As with many small start ups there have been setbacks, so kits are not yet available, but we’re currently working out the last details with a machine shop so that production can start.
      Your Email address has been saved and when kits are available we’ll send out an update.

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