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Many people at events want to know the specs on  the electric motorcycle that I bring along and the parts that were used to make a commuter bike on a reasonable budget.

Major Components:

Lithium Batteries: GBS brand,  sixteen 100 amp hour cells make up a 48 volt nominal pack, chemistry is LiFeMnPO4 pack weight is 112lb.

Speed Controller: Alltrax Axe4844   400 amp 48v, user programmable to adjust acceleration rate, throttle sensitivity, Max current, voltage cut off and a few other options.

Motor: Advanced DC Motor Series wound 36v/48v golf cart motor approximately 2.5/3.5hp continuous, around 20hp peek, top speed at 48v of 3,600 RPM, faster with a higher voltage.

Throttle: Magura electronic 0-5K twist throttle plugs directly into the speed controller.

Motor Adapter: Black Box Bikes kit connects the motor to the motorcycle frame and drive shaft.

Battery Charger: Elite Power Solutions 15amp battery charger with CANbus communication to the BMS.

Battery Management: Elite Power Solutions BMS with CAN bus communication.

12V Power: Surepower 10 amp DC-DC converter steps down the 48v pack voltage to 12v to run lights and other 12v needs.

Battery Disconnect: Albright 48v SW180 contactor connected to the key switch.

Top Speed: 60mph with the 48v pack, top speed is dependent on voltage, double the voltage and the speed doubles.

Range: 50 miles on open roads with a few stops, 35 miles in towns with stopping every few blocks, 100 to 150 watt hours per mile.

Weight: 440 Pounds, about 40-80 pounds below stock curb weight.

Cost: Total cost was $3,500 including the cost of the donor motorcycle.